Dave Lyon Photography Animal pictures
Out of the shadows  Barn owl hunting at dusk  Barn owl hunting in the marsh  Barn owl portrait 
Full attack  Barn Owl about to pounce  Barn Owl approaching  Barn Owl focused 
Barn owl hunting  Barn Owl in flight  Barn Owl incoming  Barn Owl landing 
Barn Owl swerve  African Wood Owl  Barn owl-at dusk  Black banded owl 
Common Buzzard  European Eagle Owl 2  European Eagle Owl 3  European Eagle Owl in flight 
European Eagle Owl  Europian Eagle Owl 2  Little Owl in hole  Little Owl on stump 
Little owl  Tawney owl  Kingfisher 2  Kingfisher 3 
Kingfisher 4  Kingfisher 5  Kingfisher 6  Kingfisher flying low 
Kingfisher reflection  Kingfishers  Heron take off  Great spotted woodpecker on log 
A cloud of knots  Arctic tern feeding young  Avocets nesting aggression  Avocets protecting the nest 
Bass rock gannet colony  Carion Crow Corvus Corone  Curlew landing on the marsh  Knot murmuration 
Knots in flight  Lesser Masked Weaver bird  Little Egret  Long-Tailed Tit 
Northern fulmers nesting  Red Kite 2  Red Kite 3  Red Kite flying low 
Red Kite  Red Legged Partridge  Redshank  Reed Bunting 
Robin on a log  Sand Martins  Weaver bird making nest  Wheatear 
Wren  Yellow-legged Gull  Fighting Grey Seals  Spanish spiny mice 
Amur Leopard  Cheetah  Clouded Leopard  Fishing cat 
Greater Spotted woodpecker feeding young  Puma drinking  Tiger  White tiger 
Giraffe-3  Giraffe  Giraffe2  Brown Hare with cowslips 
Brown Hare  Chaffinch on a tractor  7 spot ladybird on Echinacea  Black Jaguar 
Brown Hare approaching  Brown Hare in long grass  Brown Hare on field edge  Cheetah approaching 
Cold and wet  Evening at the watering hole-2  Gargoyle gecko  Grey seal pair 
Impala  Make a ewe turn  Mandrill  Mateing adders 
Mink 2  Mink  On the prowl  Panther chameleon PRINT 
Peacock tree frog  Running Brown Hare  Soldier beetle on Sea Holly  Sparrowhawk with pigeon 
White Rhino  Wild dogs