Recent Additions

Dave Lyon Photography Recent Additions
Autumn on the marsh  The Perlan symmetry  Dhow sunset  Moonshine 
Let there be light  Dereliction  The Sentinals  Done fishing 
Evening tide  Moonfleet  Thames barge at rest  Smoke on the water 
The Mollyrose  The Watchtower  Waiting for the tide  Milky Way chapel 
Walk before the storm  Guiding light  The Lifeboat bridge  Sunrise on the marsh 
The Ena mono  Boscombe pier  Durdle Door  Neptunes wrath 
The Great Court British museum  The end of the line  Brown Hare with cowslips  Brown Hare 
Dog fight  Taking Druids bend  672 with steam up  Drainage ditch dawn 
Reed beds at dawn  Dawn cobweb  Dorset beech trees 2  Dorset beech trees 
River Mole in winter  The Liban Quarry  Kimmeridge ledge  Winter reflection 
West pier storm  Pebbles in the storm  West pier  Famine cottages 
Santorini  Barrington Park Cotswolds  Essex Dovercourt High and Low Lights 2 b-w  Boardwalk to the sky 
Portcoon  Santorini Oia town church Greece  Dark Hedges  Harbour mouth 
Scrabo  Suffolk Shingle Street 2  Suffolk Shingle Street 3  Suffolk Shingle Street 
Suffolk Aldborough Snape Maltingsand river Alde  Thames barrier 1